Brewery Update - Week ending 8/2/19 – We Started Brewing!

I am super happy to announce that we began brewing on Tuesday last week, 5th of February. Finally after 11 months of construction and over 2 years in town planning.

Whilst still being surrounded by ongoing construction, our DME brew house was turned on and boy was it high fives all round.

Paul and Ned our Brewers and Justin our Head Brewer

Paul and Ned our Brewers and Justin our Head Brewer

First brew was a 50HL batch of Double time our soon to be new addition to the Quiet Deeds all year range. Click here to read the blog on Double Time. We also managed to squeeze in a 50HL batch of Juice Train and a 25HL batch of a new release sour (more on this to come).

The updated commissioning schedule looks like this:

  • Boiler: Commissioned and working

  • Brew house: Commissioned and working

  • Glycol chiller: Commissioned and working

  • Trade waste: Commissioned and working

  • CO2: Running temporary CO2

  • Air: Running temporary air

  • Packaging: In the process of commissioning

We are going to be focusing on getting our packaging line in the upcoming 2 weeks so stay tuned for that.

Have a great one


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